Our Services

We enable timely interactions between design and design related disciplines, enabling successful project outcomes at every stage - from concept to procurement, construction and operation.

As highly experienced designers we have successfully delivered built projects. We understand the challenges at each stage of the project and address them for you through a number of different services.

For the Architect

We support your culture of creativity. We build a structure and organization for your design – enabling it’s success on all levels and ensuring that what is designed, is built.

We'll protect your design from untimely Client and Consultant changes, from budgets escalating and from value engineering. We'll assist you with coordination of all design and design related disciplines – including International – local interfaces.


For the Contractor

A high proportion of issues encountered on site which can lead to Claims start with the design. We will provide you with rigorous Design Coordination throughout the Project Lifecycle.

We will assist you in tying the design into contracts and your interfaces – so there are fewer costly scope gaps.
We'll take the burden of managing and coordinating the variations process away from you with the design teams on site. And we'll co-ordinate the RFIs and Contractor Submittals.

For the Project Manager

We can protect your project against constant design changes, budget escalations and a lack of coordination within the design team and their deliverables. We will manage the DRM, establish and coordinate Fast Track design programmes and de-risk design problems by finding solutions before they materialise, allowing you to concentrate on the commercial management of the project

Our timely actions bring project success.

We bring in-depth technical, procurement and construction understanding to make your vision a successful reality.

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